IFK Kickstart Show

The IFK Kickstart Motorcycle Exhibition is to gather and showcase local (and afar) garage builders and to be the first motorcycle event to 'kickstart' the riding season here in Calgary, Alberta. The bike nights that we have been hosting for the last 3 seasons sparked the idea for this show as we gathered a lot of riders who normally wouldn't have people to ride with and the bikes they have built or slightly customized in their own garage, on a hobby level.

The Kickstart Expo is a guaranteed good time for those that are either motorcycle novices or seasoned builders with several bikes under their belt. Help us Kickstart the 2017 riding season this year on May 6 and May 7. 

Planning is just underway for the 2 day event and we will be accepting bike entries early February. Please stay tune for more information by following our Instagram feed @kickstartshow or @illfatedkustoms.com