Cycle Standard Stock Style Sportster Gas Tank 1986 - 2003 - Right Side Petcock

The mounts on this tank are stock fitment on 1986 - 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportsters.

These 2.2 gallon gas tanks are top quality, nice thick steel with a center mount American style filler bung that accepts stock style H-D thread-in style gas cap, of which there are many styles available, a 22mm stock H-D style petcock bung (Right side when sitting on bike), and a vent tube that is soldered shut. To run the vent tube just melt the solder out, though the gas cap bung is set up for a vented cap anyway. The tank shells are stamped from 1mm (approx. 19 ga.) steel. Take a look at the photo gallery for the dimensions on this tank.

Tanks are pressure tested at the factory, but it is highly recommended you or your painter pressure test it again before painting; it's cheap insurance!

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